Application Essentials

The MAhealthconnector portal or your existing account allows you to log in and access the available services at MAhealthconnector. You will be determined as to your eligibility based on your household size, income, and other factors provided during the application process.


Several factors affect how long it takes to complete your application, including whether or not you are applying for assistance with paying for coverage, the size of your family, your income sources, and other factors.

Essential Information Needed Before You Apply

Before you begin using MAhealthconnector, you should understand a few things. You will find it helpful to look at some of this information while completing your application.

  • Please provide a copy of your federal tax return from last year. Make sure you have your current income available (such as recent pay stubs or unemployment award letters) if you did not file taxes last year or your income has changed since last year.
  • Provide the home address or mailing address (if applicable) of everyone in your household who needs insurance.


  • Using the Health Connector, if you are found eligible for coverage, and you will be making a payment online, you will need your banking institution’s routing number and account number (if you will be paying a premium).
  • All applicants must provide their Social Security numbers (if they have them).
  • If you are found eligible for coverage through the Health Connector and plan to pay your first month’s premium (if you have one) by mail or in person, you will need a personal check or money order.

If you are eligible for coverage, the MAhealthconnector will tell you. Paying by mail or in-person requires a personal check or money order for your first month’s premium (if you have one). Applicants who qualify for insurance can choose from an excellent selection of plans at MAhealthconnector.