Health Connector For Business

With MAhealthconnector for Business, Massachusetts small businesses can provide their employees with flexible and affordable employee health coverage. When your company offers coverage to employees through Health Connector for Business and grows to over 50 eligible employees, you should still be eligible to obtain coverage for your employees through their platform, as long as all other requirements are met.

MAhealthconnectorMAhealthconnector is an online platform that gives small businesses the tools they need to make informed decisions about health insurance and offer comprehensive insurance to their employees. For employers and employees, this is a win-win situation. It is generally possible to sign up a new employer at any time during the year, and coverage will begin the following month.

Benefits Of MAhealthconnector For Business

  • They serve employers with fewer than 50 employees; they understand small business needs.
  • Manage your benefits and compare private health insurance plans easily. Local brokers are available for free.
  • Employers can choose one plan for all employees or let employees choose from several plans.
  • It’s designed for small businesses. Since they only serve companies with fewer than 50 employees, they understand the needs of small businesses.


  • Employers can choose plans that best suit their financial needs, setting predictable costs per month. There is no membership fee or dues. Furthermore, employers can receive a 15 percent discount on programs like our Wellness Track.
  • Employers select plans based on their financial needs. Employers have access to wellness rebates.
  • By shopping through Health Connector for Business, small businesses save an average of 20%.
  • By participating in a free online wellness program, small businesses that purchase coverage through the Health Connector can earn up to 15% of their employer contributions back.
  • Employees create an online account and can choose from three easy-to-use health and wellness toolkits: nutrition, physical activity, and stress management.